call of cthulu

The Haunting

Session 1


  • Szophia Markos, Alientist from Budapest, Hungary
  • Bobby Richmond, Reporter from Arkham. Mass.
  • Bartholomew Witherall, Frenologist and ex-Boxer from Baltimore, Maryland
  • Ezra Fig, Private Investigator from Los Angeles, Calif.

Our investigators are all living in Arkham, Massachusetts. They are all members of The Society for the Exploration of the Unexplained, scholarly organization out of Miskatonic University led by Prof. Wentworth Avenbury, PhD Archeology.


The professor introduces our investigators to a distant cousin of his wife who seems to be having trouble with the property in Boston. He is no longer able to rent it after the previous tenants went insane and terrorize the neighborhood. The investigators head to Boston to solve the mystery.

First thing they do is to check on records on the property. Ezra Fig and Bobby Richmond head to the Hall of Records and Sophia Marcos and Bartholomew Witherall head to the Boston Public Library. After much investigation they determined that an evil presence has haunted the house for decades and decide to check out the neighborhood, a creepy old chapel and the house.

They discover the ruins of the suspicious chapel and speak to local residents about all of the craziness surrounding the property over the years. They decide to go in the house to check it out for themselves. Almost as soon as they enter the house Ezra pulls out his handgun. Suddenly he is possessed by demonic influence and he attempts to shoot Sophia Marcos, fortunately missing. The investigators decide to unload their firearms and try to enter the house again. Upstairs they discover a room where blood seems to be flowing from the ceiling. A bed flies across the room and attacks Bartholomew sending him out the window. He is badly hurt and they are forced to take him to the hospital.

They call off their investigation until Bartholomew has a chance to recover. They decide to take on the house a few weeks later. They attempt to check out the basement. They find an old room filled with detritus. A magic dagger flies to the room and attempts to stab Bartholomew. He fights valiantly but the magic dagger inflicts horrible wounds. The rest of the investigators search desperately for the source of the magic of the dagger. They find a hidden room and burst in. Inside lying on the table is the decayed body of Walter Corbitt. The ghoul rises up off the table and begins to attack. Sophia suffers a bout of madness and runs from the house. The rest of them attack uselessly against Corbett. Finally Bartholomew grabs the dagger and stabs the corpse with it. Walter Corbett turns to dust.



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