call of cthulu

The Madman

Session 2


  • Szophia Markos, Alientist from Budapest, Hungary
  • Bobby Richmond, Reporter from Arkham. Mass.
  • Pearlman Swain, Antiquarian from Providence, Rhode Island
  • Tasha Kirkham, Cowgirl from Big Timber, Montana

Prof. Avenbury asks the investigators to help find an old friend who’s gone missing. Bartley Hodges is a retired reporter who moved from Arkham to Jennings Vermont last year. The Professor shows the investigators a series of letters Hodges wrote describing his happy retirement and part time reporting for the Battleboro Tattler. Hodges had been investigating mysterious fires on Mt. Straffton and posting correspondence to Windham County’s only paper when he disappeared.

The investigators study some of his newspaper articles and then decide a trip to Vermont is in order. First they head to Battleboro to search the local library and visit the editor of the Tattler. They read a series of articles written by Hodges describing the mysterious fires on the mountains side for the last few weeks. They head off to Jennings which turns out to be a very small village in the shadow of the mountain. They greet the locals in front of the General Store and almost instantly the locals begin arguing over the fires and what happened to Hodges. One farmer, Emerson Ried agrees to take them to Hodges home. On the way he confides that some of the town folk are acting strange and all the dogs in the area have been mysteriously de-barked.migo.jpg

A search of Hodges home reveals some Gramophone recordings of what sounds like a bizarre ritual with wierd buzzing sounds. While searching the home the phone rings and a droney voice demands the investigators leave immediately. No sooner do they put down the phone but a couple of the locals drive up in a pick up and start shooting. Tasha dodges handily only receiving a nick and everyone returns fire. The locals hop back in the truck and drive off. The investigators barely patch up Tasha when a mysterious fog rolls in, followed by a curious smell of mushrooms and a loud buzzing. Some large creature starts banging on the roof. Pearlman Swain sticks his head out the window and receives a terrible fright. Unable to contain himself he discharges his weapon into the ceiling and the creature seems to fly off.

During their search of Hodges home they also find a note that says “Harney Roogers” and Emerson admits that Harney, the batty old handyman, has been acting very strange. Emerson believes Roogers is involved in the dog maiming and weird fires. The investigators head off to Roogers shack. They meet Harney chopping wood. Harney obviously quite mad, goes on about his “new friends” but refuses to talk about Barley, except to say “I did wern him I did”. Roogers becomes agitated and shoos the investigators away.

At this point the investigators decide to get some gear to go up the mountain and visit the local sheriff. Pearlman Swain is mistaken for a wanted gangster and thrown in jail! He calls his lawyer who promises to get him out in the morning. The rest of the team gathers up supplies and waits until Pearlman can get released. Sheriff Whittle is very embarrassed and releases Pearlman the next morning promptly after the visit from his lawyer. The team drives up to the trail head and hike up Mt. Straffton.

migo2.jpgAbout half way up the air becomes unnaturally cold, but the investigators all wear winter gear. At the top they find the indian standing stones and start searching the area. They find Hodges recording gear frozen solid and then they find the body of Hodges as well.. also frozen solid. They decide to hide out and wait til night fall.

Come evening an eery fog fills the top of the mountain obscuring the indian standing stones. Soon they recognize the voices of Roogers and the Curwin brothers. They all begin chanting and a droney voice joins in. Pearlman fires his pistol in the air and Richards throws a flare into the center of the stones. The fog clears just a bit and all of the investigators see that the townsfolk are accompanied by man sized beast, pinkish in color with bizarre legs and claws. All hell breaks loose. Richmond and Kirkham are overcome in terror and run off into the woods leaving only the professors from Miskatonic University to face the cultists and the beasts. When the gunsmoke clears, the three cultists lie mortally wounded in the snow and so does Pearlman Swain. Szophia Markos tries desperately to save him, but he does not survive the night. Bobby Richmond and Tasha Kirkham both come to their senses hours later, terribly lost in the woods. Tasha is eventually able to find her way back to the mountain top just as Emerson Reid makes his way up there. Emerson is able to alert the authorities and send out a search party to find Bobby Richmond.

The cultists are stopped but at great cost. Pearlman Swain is dead. Both Bobby and Tasha seem irreparably altered by their experiences at the old indian standing stones uptop Mt. Straffton.



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